We are a technology company

vigicai is born of the need to democratize access to security.
We then built a tool for those who address the issue, and with their actions make a difference.
Our mission is to assist all those who one way or another make society safer through video surveillance, and in this way prevent theft, assault and damage, either to property or to people.

Preparing the premiere

Together with Latin American companies we are adjusting details of the platform and the operation, to provide a global service from Uruguay.
At this stage we value opinions and proposals for improvements, you can send them to email
infovigicai.com or using the contact form on the home page.

"Standing on the shoulder of giants"

On the following technologies we build our platform

We will be adding information of the professional team, commercial alliances and mentions in the press, while you can follow our social networks to be aware of these developments.

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