We train cameras so they become guardians

Using AI we help security personnel so that they can monitor a greater number of cameras.
Our cloud platform is responsible for receiving, analyzing and supporting this large flow of images, without the need for expensive hardware in the monitoring center or qualified professionals to manage it.

And also: facial recognition

Technology and surveillance

Using the most recent advances in object detection and facial recognition, we can classify in real time what is transmitted by domestic or commercial cameras, and show the security personnel what they need to see.
In addition to being an assistant in surveillance, we also resolve the management of customers, employees, and deliver a complete online monitoring console. It does not require additional hardware at the central or at the client facilities.

Reduced costs

When more cameras are monitored with the same staff, infrastructure is offsite and effectiveness is maintained, the economic benefit is inevitable.

Event verification

Although the system detects suspicious activity, the security guards can still see everything sent to the central office and continue using the company's current procedures.

Facial recognition

An extra feature available for guards and customers. Known or unknown / dangerous faces are identified to act based on their presence.

Up in the cloud

We host our complete infrastructure on AWS to provide the performance and availability that a critical service like this requires.

¿How does it work?

If you already have a video surveillance center and want to lower costs, or start providing this service to your customers, we have a plan to achieve those goals.


Register and contact us to introduce ourselves, know your company and the needs of your customers.


We define a free trial period to evaluate the behavior of the platform with some cameras and the company staff.


At the end of the adaptation period, your company begins to provide remote surveillance service to its customers, paying only for the number of cameras it monitors.

¿And for my clients?

If the client has surveillance cameras and from his cell phone or computer he can view the images, he already has everything necessary to have the service.


Downloads our app developed for your company and receives instructions to configure his camera or DVR, when detecting movement sends the images to our platform.


An operator of your company verifies that the images arrive correctly and that the scene is suitable for remote surveillance.


Once the cameras are approved, the client can contract the service by making the payment online (or in the preferred mode), and from that moment on, he has real-time surveillance.

For questions about the service, demo for security companies or another matter you can contact us using this form, we will respond as soon as possible.

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